Can't use the same Azure account for regular and multi-tenanted projects?


I have added an Azure account to Octopus that has been used for our “regular” (non-tenanted) projects. We have now set up a multi-tenant project, and want to use the same Azure account. So in the Azure account settings we selected “Include in both tenanted and untenanted deployments” and added our new tenant under “Associated tenant”.

This worked great when deploying the tenanted project, but now our regular projects are failing with this error:

“The account does not belong to this tenant and this project cannot be deployed. Either add the account to the tenant or resolve a different account.”

Am I missing something here? Shouldn’t this account be available to both multi tenanted and regular projects? Seems a bit weird if we have to create a duplicate account to make it work for these projects?

Edit: This is version v2018.1.2


Hi Chris

Thanks for getting in touch! My sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused by this issue.

This is a known bug and we have fixed it in the recent release. You can find more information about it from this link

In order to fix this issue, could you please upgrade to the latest version of Octopus and check if the problem goes away?

I hope this helps! Let me know how you go!


Hi Eddy,

Works perfectly after upgrading to v2018.3.5 :slight_smile: