Can't use Octopack past version 3.0.31

I have been unable to use Octopack since version 3.0.31. Every time I try to use it with a version newer than that I get the following error in TeamCity (8.1.5):

The “AppendToPackageId” parameter is not supported by the “CreateOctoPackPackage” task.

Please help.

i have the same issue. if this has been solved, could the solution please be posted to help others with the problem.


It turns out this problem is caused (at least in my case) by having several projects in the solution and at least one of them with an old version of octopack. The solution is to ensure all projects in the solution are using the latest version of octopack

Hi Chris & Robert,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the late reply. We’ve seen this behavior when building solutions with projects that have different versions of Octopack installed, just like Chris mentioned. Having all the projects on the same version of Octopack seems to do the trick.

Chris - Thanks for coming back with your solution!



That solution is fine with a small Solution, but we have over 100 projects in our solution. Upgrading every one of them to the new Octopack each time you release a new version is a pain and frankly should NOT be necessary.

Now we will have to intentionally load the older version of Octopack with any new Project we start in the same solution.

Isn’t there a better way? Why would you NOT make it backward compatible???

Hi Robert,

It comes down to MSBuild in this case. It only loads one dll, and as the two versions of OctoPack have different dll’s it uses the incorrect one for the older version during the build for multiple projects.
Not every release of OctoPack would necessarily have a new variable either.


Thanks for starting this thread - just had the same issue with OctoPack 3.0.31 and 3.0.43 in the same solution. Updating old package now to bring common line up to 3.0.43.