Can't update Step Template

I had step template named “Turn On Machines”.
Step template is used in one deployment process.
Name of step template was changed to “Turn On Machines (OBSOLETE)”.
I’ve created new step template “Turn On Machines”.
If I try to change script content of it, or add new parameters I had this error: “An action template version with this name and version already exists. To fix this problem you need to rename your template.”
Changing name doesn’t help, I can’t save changes with even with new name.
I tried to remove this new step template and create a new one, but again, editing this template is impossible.

Please help.

Ok, I think that might be already fixed. My version of the server is 2020.5.3.
In changelogs I found this:

Hi Rafal,

Thanks for getting in touch!

The fix in 2020.5.6 is for a problem where adding a step template to a project was using default values instead of the ones configured within the template.

I believe you may have run into this issue (ActionTemplateVersion can make a step template un-editable · Issue #4001 · OctopusDeploy/Issues · GitHub). There are a few workarounds listed there that should hopefully get you back up and running.
As the template is only used in one process, the easiest one would likely be to export and import with a different name, and then update your deployment process to use the new template.


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