Can't see the all the project channels in the Project overview page

  1. We were preparing the release 20.0.1 which was installed to the Test env and then Promoted to the UAT
  2. After some time we have release a patch 20.0.2 with the different channel flow(uat, prod). I could see it on the project overview
  3. Then we started the release 21.0.0 with Normal channel flow(test, uat, prod) and the release 20.0.2 disappeared from the project overview

After that we couldn’t see the 20.0.2 version on the overview page

We found it on the releases page and promoted to the UAT and after that we managed to see the channel again.


Thanks for getting in touch.

On the dashboard we try to be clever and show our best guess of what releases you care about at the moment. What I think is happening in this case is that when you deploy 21.0.0 it becomes the latest release and current release for Test, 20.0.1 becomes the previous release for test and current for UAT. We assume you no longer care about 20.0.2 because it hasn’t been deployed yet.

Once 20.0.2 is deployed to UAT it becomes the current for UAT so gets shown on the dashboard again.

Channels are not considered when creating the dashboard because if you have a lot of channels it becomes very confusing.

I hope this helps explain what is shown on the project overview. Please let me know if you need any clarification.


Thank you very much.
I was just thinking that I was doing something wrong.