Can't Create Release From UI

We’re just setting up our Cloud instance and we’re seeing an issue with one of our projects. After deploying to a channel (created by TeamCity), then deleting the release because of a configuration issue, we’re seeing an indefinite hang on the Create Release page.

TeamCity can still generate releases to this project.

There’s a second, similarly-configured project in the same space that doesn’t exhibit this issue. We did not delete any releases from the second, fully functional project.

Let me know any additional details you need.

HI @CHager,

Thanks for reaching out and I’m sorry to see you’re running into issues. I just have a few clarifying questions if you don’t mind:

Is this a built-in or external feed? If it’s external could you check Library > External Feeds > Select Feed and do a Test in the top right to verify the package selected is the expected one for this project?
Could you try a different browser or private to eliminate any caching/cookie issues with viewing this page?

Would it be possible to get explicit permission to log onto your cloud instance and take a look? If so, could you please direct message me the instance name and project in question?

Looking forward to hearing back.



Thanks for replying. I am using Chrome, so I tried the same workflow via Edge. I get the same behavior.

We’re using an external feed but since that feed is inside our network we’re having the tentacle grab the package. That succeeds on the deployments generated in Octopus by the TeamCity build process. The unresponsive page is before I even get to select a package.

I’ll contact you regarding access.

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