Can't choose item from step template select list in Chrome and IE

I’ve created a parameter in my step template of type select list, however if I try to choose anything from it the list is opened, but I can’t choose an item. At this point I can’t close the list to cancel or click on anything else on the page, I have to refresh to continue. Verified the same issue in IE.

As you can see from the screenshot there is a regex exception being thrown.

Added the step template parameter definition screenshot.


Hi Nick,

Thanks for getting in touch! I am having some trouble replicating this, is there a chance you could export your step template and attach it to this thread.
If you need to mark this discussion as private please do.


It’s a nuget step template and there is no export link displayed. I have another template that is a powershell one and it shows the export link.

octopus1.mp4 (1 MB)

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the extra detail! I have created this as a ticket in GitHub which you can track here: