Cannot utilize tentacle on load balancer - need to remote execute powershell?

Environment: 2 webservers (IIS) behind a load balancer server (ARR/IIS).

I have a rolling deployment to machines with (role: web) where 2 of the substeps are for disable/enable the deployment target in the load balancer (role: load balancer) via a powershell command.

I also have a tentacle on the dedicated load balancer, but since the rolling deployment targets the web role machines, the load balancer script won’t be executed on the load balancer server, but only the web roles.

I then need need to change my script to do some non-octopus remote powershell execution (i.e. from tentacle on targets to load balancer), which I feel is totally going backwards since I already have a tentacle on the load balancer.

There may be something I have misunderstood? (that is why I am posting this as a question at first)

Octopus version: 3.0.24

Best, Freddy Hansen

Hi Freddy,

Thanks for getting in touch! Currently (as in right now) we are working on allowing child steps in a rolling deployment to have allow PS to run on the Octopus Server for situations exactly like yours. This feature will be available in 3.3 in the new year. Here is our GitHub issue so you can track it:

Warm Regards,