Cannot step into script module function while debugging

Hi support

When doing a remote debugging session, the session always fails to step through script modules, and the script subsequently fails. The error messages is "Unable to open ‘Library_Common_somerandomstuff.psm1’: File not found.

I’m using vscode, I set my debug project variable to ‘BreakBeforeImportingScriptModules’, attach to the remote process and step through my step template. When I reach a function that lives in a script module, I get the error message, my debug session fails and the process continues to the next step. It looks like Octopus removes the script modules after loading them in… is this expected and what is the best way to get around this?


The issue is highlighted in the code:

Looks like that change is having a regressive effect on debugging functionality


Hi Leslie,

You are 100% on the money here. I’ve raised an issue so hopefully we can get this sorted soon for you.


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