Cannot pull an evaluated parameter based on another job name


We have the following two steps that derive from step templates:

a) A nuget based job that has a nuget id in the form of "Foo.#{Variable}"
b) A powershell job that takes as a parameter (a)'s job name and tries to pull the package id and version as follows

$package = $OctopusParameters["Octopus.Action[$ParentDeployDatabaseJob].Package.NugetPackageId"]

The problem that we encounter is that the nuget package id isn’t evaluated so instead of getting eg. Foo.Contracts we get Foo.#{Variable}

This is reproducible regardless if (a) run or was skipped.

Any ideas if this is a known bug?


Thanks for getting in touch! I have a feeling scoping might be at play here. Can you please check if you variable referenced as: Foo.#{Variable} is scoped to any step?
When you are using the step variables they can only be scoped to environments, and nothing else as it will make it unavailable.

Let me know how that goes.