Cannot get variables and corresponding values

I have done the settings in the “Variable Sets” of “Library”, as shown in the figure:

But I cannot find the required variable under one of the deployment targets:

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It looks like you might be missing a link in the variable chain, possibly within the Tenant.
The Replica value shown in the top screenshot is scoped to the Bell Bay Replica Environment but in your preview, you are also changing the filter to the Bell Bay Tenant.

If you remove the Tenant filter does the Replica value appear in the preview?
Also, what is the additional scoping attached to the Replica value? Could that be restricting the value and preventing it from being applicable in this scope?


Ok, so, if you remove the Bell Bay Tenant filter, does the Environment variable with the value of Replica appear?

And what other Scopes are applied to the Replica value if you press the More button?

I need to use common variables in the tenant, so I cannot delete the tenant filter:

I was only meaning to remove the Tenant filter from the Preview screen as a troubleshooting step to see if the Variable appears in that context. It would help narrow down where the break in the link is occurring.

I do see that the Replica value has a Database role scoped to it.
If you add that Role to the Preview screen filter does the variable appear?
Also, does the deployment target where this was failing also possess the Database role?

I can only choose one of the two tenants

The failed deployment target does not have a database role.
The database role belongs to another project.

Ah ok, that’ll be the problem then.
That variable scoping requires the deployment target to have the Database role in order to be able to use it.
You may need to create another Replica variable value without the Database role to make this work.

Hi Paul Calvert,
Thank you very much for your patience and meticulous answer. According to the solution you provided, my problem has been solved!

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