Cannot deploy packages after Octopus uses version control

Hi team,

After converting my Octopus project to use the Version control settings (GIT) - OCL file
i.e. /.octopus/deployment_process.ocl

We are unable to create release to that particular Octopus project via our Build server (Jenkins is our build server in this case). Octopus server actually successfully receive the package under the Built-in Package Repository.

The error keeps complaining that the Project resource was not found (see error below)
Luckily I have cloned the original project, and I have re-used / renamed that so it works normally (without the GIT version integration)

this is the error I get via Jenkins, using the Octo.exe command
this the command that it calls (we replace the variables)

    Octo.exe create-release `
        --project $_ `
        --version $buildName `
        --packageversion $buildName `
        --server $octopusUrl `
        --apiKey $octopusApiKey `
        --releaseNotes $releaseNotes `
        --deploymenttimeout=08:00:00 `
        --force `
        --deploymentchecksleepcycle=00:00:30 `

Our octopus server is 2022.1.2412

please note I have masked some of the project / server names below

Detected automation environment: "Jenkins"
Space name unspecified, process will run in the default space context
Handshaking with Octopus Server: https://serverxxx/octopus
Handshake successful. Octopus version: 2022.1.2412; API version: 3.0.0
Authenticated as: domain\svc_account_xxx (a service account)
Found environments: 
This Octopus Server supports channels
Found project: MyProject (Projects-62)
Automatically selecting the best channel for this release...
Building a release plan for Channel 'Development'...
Finding deployment process...
The resource 'deploymentprocess-Projects-62' was not found.
Error from Octopus Server (HTTP 404 NotFound)
Exit code: -7
Using package versions from folder: OctoPackages
Octopus Deploy Command Line Tool, version 6.13.1

I also have access to the Octopus sql server, and can see that project 62 still exist, and should still be valid…

is there something buggy with the OCL version control integration?

Hi @kvrampage,

Thanks for reaching out.

Have you updated your Jenkins configuration to include the GitRef, when creating a release?

The deploymentprocesses endpoint changes when you convert a project to CAC.
/api/Spaces-x/projects/project-xxx/{gitref}/deplyomentprocesses whereas, previously the {gitref} item was no included.

The latest Octopus Build Server Plugin for Jenkins should include the fields that your need.

Let me know if this could be the issue, otherwise reach out again if you’ve checked this and your still having issues.


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