Cannot delete channel

Hi guys,

Octopus 3.2.4. Deleted all releases for channel with octo.exe delete-releases.
When i’m dong list-releases i see 0 releases.

But when i trying to delete channel i receive an error:
There was a problem with your request.
•This channel has releases including: 1.29.0-sprint0001, 2.1.0-sprint0000, 2.1.0-sprint0001, 2.1.0-sprint0002, 2.1.0-sprint0003

Hi Oleg, thanks for getting in touch.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to reproduce this and I am hoping you can provide us with a bit of extra information so that we can help you get to the bottom of this.

  1. What version of octo.exe are you currently using and are you using it to list the releases as well?

  2. Are the releases currently visible from the UI and are there relevant audit log entries for the deletions?

  3. What are the exact octo.exe commands being used?

It would also be useful to have some screenshots of the releases and channels as it will give us a bit more context. I should also mention that this issue may have been fixed in newer versions as there have been a number of fixes over the years related to channels and releases. I don’t know if upgrading is an option for you, but it may be worth a try as well.

Hope to hear back from you soon!

Shaun Marx

Hi Shaun,

  1. Octo.exe version 4.31.1
  2. From UI i also don’t see any releases
  3. octo.exe delete-releases --server=“https://myserver/myinstance” --project=“MyProject” --minversion=“0.0.0” --maxversion=“9.9.9” --user=“MyUser” --pass=“MyPassword” --channel=“Sprint”

Upgrade will be an option if there will be no other solutions.

Hi Oleg,

The issue you are experiencing was addressed in a recent release, so upgrading to a recent 2018.x release will help.
We have another ticket in which this issue was discussed along with a solution. If you are going down the Sql script path, please ensure you have a database backup before starting.


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