Cannot create releases using octo.exe after upgrade

We’ve just upgrade Octopus from v0.9 to Version and have upgrade octo.exe to version . We are now getting this error when trying to create a release with Octo.exe.

[16:56:14]Finding project: XXXX
[16:56:14]Handshaking with Octopus server: http://XXXX/api
[16:56:25]Handshake successful. Octopus version:; API version: 1.0.0
[16:56:28]Finding environments…
[16:56:30]Finding steps for project…
[16:56:30]Getting package versions for each step…
[16:56:39]WebUI - latest: 1.9.412.32250
[16:56:39]Creating release: 1.9.412.32250
[16:56:39]POST http://XXXX/api/projects/projects-1/releases
[16:56:42]Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
[16:56:42]System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
[16:56:42] at UriExtensions.EnsureEndsWith(Uri uri, String suffix)
[16:56:42] at OctopusTools.Client.OctopusSession.Get[TResource](String path)
[16:56:42] at OctopusTools.Client.OctopusSession.Create[TResource](String path, TResource resource)
[16:56:42] at ProjectExtensions.CreateRelease(IOctopusSession session, Project project, List`1 latestVersions, String version, String releaseNotes)
[16:56:42] at OctopusTools.Commands.CreateReleaseCommand.Execute()
[16:56:42] at OctopusTools.Infrastructure.CommandProcessor.Process(String[] args)

Can you provide some troubleshooting guidance please.




We’ve resolve this. We did the following

  1. Restarted the server after the license was applied.
  2. Created a release manually and then deployed it.

We arent sure if one of these steps or the combination of both resolved the issue. Any additional info would help.



Hi James,

Glad you resolved it. It looks like the original issue was down to how the URI was formatted on the client - I’d say it’s a bug with Octo.exe rather than the Octopus server. I’ll take a look at it next time I am in the Octo.exe area.



had the same problem and it was caused by us having two active projects and running the free version of Octopus. Maybe a friendlier errormessage is in place?

Hope this helps,


Thank you for your email.

I am currently out of the office until Monday 16th September.

I will respond to your email upon my return.

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