Cannot Authenticate after upgrade to 2.0

I upgraded to 2.0 and everything went successfully. However when I try to login to the portal it rejects my credentials. We are using ActiveDirectory authentication. It looks to me like it is not accessing our domain properly. I was never asked for a default domain for AD authentication.

This may happen, as you might suspect, when a glitch during setup might cause us to fail to find the right domain.

In Octopus Manager, choose “Delete this Octopus instance” - this will leave data intact but permit the setup wizard to be run again. Before running “Install” ensure the DC csn be reached.

Please let us know if you hit further issues. Thanks!

I tried that and it didn’t resolve the issue. Is there a way to specify the domain during creation? Or is there somewhere in Raven where that value is stored that I can modify?

Thank you

The Users collection in Raven should give some indication of what’s going on, it would be interesting to hear if you spot anything.

Possibly related, it seems like we might have a problem with the “Administrator” account, or accounts that have names matching local machine accounts:

Matches your situation? Thanks!