Can you edit or delete a release?

(Steven Kuhn) #1

Is it possible to edit or delete a release once it is created? If it’s not possible, could it be added? I don’t mind if I can’t change the Nuget package versions, but if I make a mistake in the release notes then I would like to be able to make a change (even after the release has been deployed).

(Paul Stovell) #2

Hi Steven,

You can’t edit it yet, but it’s a feature on my todo list. It will work like this:

  • If you haven’t deployed the release yet, you’ll be able to edit the notes, package versions, and delete it.
  • If you have deployed it, then you can still edit the notes, but that is all. You also can’t delete the release.

I’ll update this thread when the feature is implemented.


(Paul Stovell) #3

Hi Steven,

The latest build contains the ability to edit and delete releases - get it from:


(Steven Kuhn) #4

Hi Paul,

Awesome! I installed the latest build today and it’s works perfectly. One idea for the future might be the ability to delete old deployed releases but still keep the release history. Of course I could just create a scheduled task myself to delete folders containing the deployed releases older than a certain time period (for example, older than six months), but it could be nice to have Octopus automatically do that.


(Paul Stovell) #5

Hi Steven,

Thanks, I’ll add that suggestion to AgileZen. The Octopus Server already has the ability to run scheduled tasks, but none are implemented yet - a cleanup task would be easy to run.


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