Can you disable the Built-In Octopus Repository Feed?

Hi Support,

At our company, we only use an external NuGet feed as our package repository. To prevent users from using the built-in Octopus feed, we were wondering if it can be disabled, so only our preferred feed is visible?



Hi Alex,

Thanks for getting in touch! Currently there is no way to directly disable the built-in feed in Octopus. However, using permissions, you are able lock down the built-in feed so no users are able to push or delete packages from it. Whilst this does not exactly do what you are after, it can help you keep unwanted packages out of the feed.

The two permissions are:


If you would like to see this as a feature, the best option would be to check out our UserVoice suggestions page. We use UserVoice to gauge community support for new features and ideas. If a suggestion gathers enough support, we can look into its implementation into Octopus.

Let me know if you have any further questions here.

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Hi Daniel,

Locking down the feed works just as well for us. I’ll check out the suggestions page as well if we have future ideas. Thank you for the response!



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