Can you change the order that servers get deployed to?


We have two deployment steps in a project, which both use the same load-balanced servers.
Let’s call them “Server1” and “Server2”.

We can safely run both we can see that both steps deploy in the same order.
That is, they both deploy first to “Server1” and second to “Server2”

As such, we get:
“This Tentacle is currently busy performing a task that cannot be run in conjunction with any other task. Please wait…”

Of course, it does clear and deploy, but I think that we could get faster if:

  • Our first deployment step went to Server1 then Server2,
  • Our second deployment step went to Server2 then Server1

We end up in the same place, both steps out on both boxes, but hopefully we’d get a faster deploy by not having the “cannot be run in conjunction” message.

Can we do that?


Hi Ben,

You shouldn’t be seeing the “This Tentacle is currently busy performing a task…” message, unless you have multiple concurrent deployments to the same Tentacle.

Octopus will deploy Step 1 to both your servers (in parallel), followed by Step 2 to both your servers (again in parallel). The order in which the servers get deployed cannot be specified (and shouldn’t need to be).

By default, Octopus will not run concurrent actions on a Tentacle; it will display the error you are seeing. But this will not occur as part of a single deployment.

Is it possible another project is being deployed to your Tentacles at the same time?

If you would like to attach a Task Log, I’m happy to take a look?