Can we use multiple external feed packages on the single process step?

Hello Octopus team,
I use external feed to get my packages and for that i need to query two repositories, one for each environment. Is there a way that i include two external feeds under one process step and deploy based on the matching tag?

Please let me know on this.


Hi @kondasankeerthreddy,

Thanks for posting your question to our community forum!

If you’re looking to do this from a single “Deploy a Package” step, unfortunately, there isn’t currently a way to do this as deploying a package involves quite a bit of work including variable replacement, running custom scripts, and other actions.

However, if you are looking to transfer a set of packages to get them into the cache for future deployments, it is possible to do that. You can use the run a script step and leverage the ‘referenced package’ feature: Run a script step - Octopus Deploy

Does that seem like it might be helpful for your use case? If not, could you provide me with a little more detail about your configuration and how you’d like the process to work?


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