Can´t add variables to project after deleting a former set


I had 2 variables in a project, then I added a new one and edited it, I left blank all fields but the name and after that I can´t edit neither create new ones.

What can I do to reset the variables section and create new variables?


Pedro Martinez.

Hi Pedro,

Thanks for getting in touch! Could you explain this in a little more detail, or provide the following:
What browser are you using? Can you provide a screenshot of the variable page in question.
What version of Octopus are you running? What OS is Octopus running on?


Hi Vanessa.

Thanks for your answer.

I am using version and Google Chrome, running on a windows 2003 Server, but let me tell you that something strange happened (like always happens with users ;)), two days after I reported it, it started working normally, I don´t know if there is a process running to clean Octopus Database or something, but I could work with variables again in my project, what happened exactly is that the project variables freezed.

It is working now.

Thank you very much, do you need me to close the discussion/ticket?

I have another question that is if I can delete manually tasks of a project that I deleted before because I want to create a new project with the same name but Octopus doesn´t let me do it because it says there is a project with that name.

Best regards.

Hi Pedro,

I am glad this is working, as I couldn’t replicate it. (Aren’t they the worst words a support person can use!?)

For your question about deleting projects. Currently, due to Raven being a document database, when we delete something, we mark it as deleted and then run a task to actually delete it.
You should find that you have a task that has not run or has failed and needs to be rerun to delete the record and release the project name.


Thanks Vanessa.

I have the task as timed out but I deleted the project that belongs it so I cannot rerun it becaus it says that there is no resource, how can I run it?


Hi Pedro,

When did you manually delete the project from the database? The largest problem I see here, is we don’t only delete that one record, we delete all references to that record, such as from project groups and variable scopes etc. If that task is unable to run again, I am thinking the only way to fix what could be a potential problem in many situations in the future would be to restore to a backup where the project was not physically deleted, and go through the delete process through the interface again.

Sorry for the crappy news.


Hi Vanessa thanks for the answers, I think we can close this discussion.

Best regards.