Can Octopus deploy handle product upgrades, Performance measurement, DB update using sqlplus scripts

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For another customer they are looking for a solution to the below issue using Octopus Deploy.

UseCase#1 :
Can OctopusDeploy handle product Upgrade, Bug fix, New Functionality, DataFix, CodeFix, Enhancements etc

UseCase#2 :
updation of oracle database tables using multiple *sqlplus scripts on different environment.How effectively can this be handled using Octopusdeploy

Also if any change is made available [ fixpack, upgrade or new functionality] to a database or application is there a mechanism to measure the performance [increased memory consumption, performance degradation etc ] in Octopus.


Thanks for getting in touch! I’ll do my best to answer your questions below:


Yes, this is core functionality in Octopus. You build your applications using a build server (TeamCity, TFS, or some other system) and you then push the application package (as a NuGet package or Zip archive) and Octopus then deploys this new package to your servers.


There is nothing built-in to run Oracle upgrade scripts, but you should be able to do this by writing a PowerShell (or bash if you’re running on *nix) to execute the SqlPlus scripts on your oracle databases.


No, there is nothing built-in to Octopus to measure any performance improvements/degradations, again you would have to script this yourself.

I hope that helps!

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