Can I turn off health check for 1 deployment target?

Hey Octopus Team,

We have a deployment target that doesn’t have a 24/7 uptime causing our hourly health checks to fail. Is there any way for me to keep the health checks enabled but to leave out that one deployment target?

Kind regards,

Hi Yenti,

Thanks for reaching out.
There is a solution to this and it involves creating a custom machine policy, and applying that to the individual deployment target.

The guide above is helpful, but the setup and configuration is fairly self-explanatory, so I would recommend navigating to Infrastructure → Machine Policies. Create a new Machine Policy and set the “Health Check Interval” to Never.

After the Machine Policy is created, find your Deployment Target under Infrastructure → Deployment Targets and select the new machine policy from the drop down.

Reach out if you have any troubles setting this up.