Can I Deploy Project Releases Side By Side

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I am experimenting with how I might achieve side by side deployments and have Octopus Project Overview show me all the deployments.

I though using Channels was working out, having a Channel for 1.x and a Channel for 2.x say, I created a 1.x release and deployed it to Tenant A and Tenant B, then I created a 2.x Release and deployed it to Tenant A.

I was hoping the Overview would show be that Tenant A has a 1.x and a 2.x deployment and Tenant B has a 1.x deployment, but the knowledge that Tenant A ever had a 1.x seems to get lost and so as far as Octopus is concerned Tenant A is on 2.x and Tenant B on 1.x.

I tried swapping the project setting from hotfix to separate and that doesn’t seem to do anything.

If the project setting are for non-tentanted, it seems to work - showing what has been deploy to each Channel in overview, but if I change project setting to allow tenant and non-tenant, the overview screen changes to only show the latest release…if I filter Group By channels I get a similar view to the original showing both channels, but the first channel is now empty.


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