Can a Machine Policy be applied to a single environment or an environment tenant combination?

Applying a machine policy at the machine level is really cumbersome, especially when creating cloud servers, I would like a way to easily apply a policy to a specific environment or tenant environment.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for getting in touch! We suggest that when you create and register the machine you also define the machine policy that it runs under. We determined there would be situations where you would want to have mixed policies on machines in a single environment.

For bulk editing we would suggest scripting an update for all machines in an environment or tenant environment.

Could you let me know the scenario where you cannot define the policy when you create and register the machine?


Those seem reasonable for me to work around our existing deployments. I can
modify my tentacle registration code to set the policies going forward.

As a long time user, the most intuitive place seemed to be on the
environment. The Environment Edit screen was the first place I looked to
go set the default policy for the environment. So consider that, for
people like me who have cloud deployments that seems like a great default
and less configuration i need to manage at the tentacle level.

Eric Hexter

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