Calamari.exe Permissions


I’m just wondering if anyone here can help me understand what permissions Calamari.exe needs in order to deploy to a system.

Facing an issue where we are getting the below error while trying to deploy:

Calamari.exe : PermissionDenied: Access is denied
At C:\Octopus\Work\20230227140752-324822-2627\Bootstrap.ps1:37 char:1
+ & "${env:TentacleHome}\Tools\Calamari.netfx\25.3.3\Calamari.exe" dep ...

The issue is we are unsure exactly what is needed in the permissions configuration for Calamari.exe in order to know where to begin looking. Not sure if it is a generic thing or environment specific in which case we’ll likely have to look more internally to find out but I am just hoping someone here might have a vague idea on where to start so we’re not barking up the wrong tree.


Hey @issadmin,

Thanks for reaching out.

It looks like it’s happening on deploy based on that cut off snippet, which means the first avenue you should go down is to make sure that the Octopus service account and Calamari have access to the folder you’re trying to deploy to.

As a first step, can we please confirm the permissions are there for read/write to the folder getting deployed to?

Here is some documentation on it: Permissions required for the Tentacle Windows Service - Octopus Deploy

Please let me know how it goes!


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