CaC to GitHub completely slows down Octopus UI

I have setup version control (configuration as code) for deployment project to save all the changes in to GitHub. But now whole UI for this project is completely slow down, simply opening pages takes almost a minute, saving deployment process changes with commits to GitHub takes even longer.
We have self host Octopus Deploy. The version is 2023.1 (Build 9722).
GitHub is enterprise version. I have used username/password for connection to GitHub and used personal access token (both, fine-grained and classic). GitHub repository is completely new, created only for saving Octopus data. Saved deployment_process.ocl file in GitHub is 81 KB in size, and file variables.ocl is 18 KB in size.
Is there some suggestions what could be checked here? What else to investigate?

Hi @vytautas.b,

Thanks for reaching out to us regarding your issue.
To get a better understanding of what might be going on, would you be able to capture a HAR file when you open/save the deployment process?

You can create a HAR file using the documentation here.

Ideally would like to see a HAR file from the deployment process and a HAR from any page that is not Version controlled, e.g. the Project releases page.

I have created a secure upload link here that you can use to upload the HAR files.

Kind Regards,

@dom.richardson thanks for looking in to this issue.
I have uploaded two files in to provided link, one where it’s version control tracked page load (deploy process page), and the other is untracked page load (default project page with releases).

If possible, could you @dom.richardson delete these files from the link after you will download them locally so that those files will be gone sooner than a week after upload?

And I will be waiting for the investigation results.

Hi @vytautas.b,

Thanks for sending those over to us.

We have been looking through the HAR files and can see that some endpoints are taking some time to return.

But to get a better picture of what the server might be doing during these API calls would you be able to send us both the Octopus Server log after you have navigated to the deployment process webpage?

If possible, would you also be able to send us the OCL file so that I can try and reproduce the issue on my test environment?

Kind Regards,

Sorry for not providing additional information, but while I was creating test project for version control and while admins were trying to get logs, they did upgraded to the latest version of Octopus and maybe cleaned up the server itself. So now instead of a minute for opening any project page - it’s down to some 10 seconds, sometimes maybe even less. At least it’s now livable with it.
We can close this issue.

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