Bulleted list when creating release notes

The inline editor for release notes is not working very well. For example, I selected all lines of text and wanted to make each line a bulleted list item.

Unfortunately, only the first line got bulleted.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for reporting this. I am not sure what we can do to fix it as I believe we use a library for it, but I can have this investigated to see if it has a newer or improved version.
However to help replicate what browser and version are you using?


I’m using FF 44 for Windows.

There are more problems, and it’s very disapointing that basic things like this don’t work correctly.

A file with ALL bulleted items displays correctly on the Release page. See images 1 and 2.

But a file with bulleted items and “header” sections runs everything together. See images 3 and 4.

This is simple stuff that should work. Any chance on getting a fix for this?