Build Octopus Worker Tools, Docker, & Corporate Proxy

Hi Everyone. I was hoping someone has come across this issue and fixed it successfully. I am trying to build the octopus worker tools but keep hitting road blocks due to the proxy. I have made the following changes:

Nuget.config I’ve added:

    <add key="http_proxy" value="" />


ARG http_proxy=""
ARG https_proxy=""
ARG chocolateyProxyLocation=$http_proxy
ARG chocolateyProxyUser="xxxxxx\xxxxxxxx"
ARG chocolateyProxyPassword="xxxxxxxx"

# Install Choco
COPY ./xtras/install.ps1 .
RUN ./install.ps1 

# Install dotnet 3.1+
COPY ./xtras//dotnet-install.ps1 .
RUN ./dotnet-install.ps1

The dotnet-install.ps1:


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