Build Info interface is breaking

I’ve started pushing build info into octopus and a couple did work. I could see them in the web interface (Library → Build Information → Build Information Repository). But since a recent build info push I’m getting the following in the GUI:

We are running 2022.1.2133

Any ideas?



Thanks for reaching out.

Do you know which package and version triggered the bad build information? If so, can you please get the JSON out of the database and DM it to me so I can take a look? It’s in the table dbo.BuildInformation. You can sort on PackageID and Version if you know which package did it, or if you aren’t sure, we can sort descending on CreatedDate and grab the last few and see if there’s anything that might be causing it. If it’s easier you can just send the CSV instead of specific JSONs. If you prefer instead of DMing, you can send the CSV/data to and reference this thread.

If this is blocking you (I have seen bad build information cause that), you can disable your Jira/Github Issues/ADO Issues until we resolve it, but keep in mind you will be missing that data in your releases/deployments/issue trackers while its disabled.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing back.


Sure thing Jeremy. I also confirmed that the swagger interface also returns that error. I’ll find that info and DM it to you.

For anyone else finding this error, this was resolved in DMs. The culprit was an incorrect API token. If you run into this error a good first step would be to go to configuration->settings->jira and test both passwords. If that doesn’t help please open up a thread here or email us at


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