Build Event files added to nuget have spaces replaced with percent

Currently we use the nuspec file to copy over necessary files to the nuget package. We found that doing a recursive copy using the text below changes the file name from “New File.txt” to “New%File.txt”. Is there a way to recursively copy leaving the file names with the space in them.

<file src="C:\Reports\**\*.*" target="bin\Reports\" />

Hi Jason,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’ve made the assumption you are using OctoPack. OctoPack itself just calls Nuget.exe pack and references your NuSpec. So if this process is adding the files, it is at the NuGet level itself.

The question I do have for you is, apart from the change in the file name in the package, what effect is it having on the overall deployment? We even use NuGet conventions and libraries when unpacking. Are you finding that the space is not converted back after the package extraction?