Bug Report: Release Versioning based on package breaks when updating a Runbook step using the same package

I ran into an interesting bug this week.

TL;DR: Changing the name of a step in a runbook that references the same package the project uses as the Release Versioning base causes the project to be inaccessible and all apis that GET a project list fail.

I have a Project with a Process that includes a single Run AWS CLI Script step. The step references a package. The Project is configured with Release Versioning based on the package version of that step,

I then created a runbook in the same project with a single Run AWS CLI Script step, dependent on the same package.

I then cloned that runbook and renamed the single step, modified the script and successfully saved the runbook. When I went back to the project details and refreshed, I got red error message: “[Step Name] not found”. Any API Call that pulled projects also failed at this point.

The first time I ran into this, I had to delete the project and the API calls that were failing started working again. After it happened a second time when I was recreating the project, I decided to dig into the database. I wrote a script that queried every column of every table of the database to find the “[Step Name]” string and got a hit on the DeploymentSettings table. I nulled out the DonorPackage value in the JSON column of that table for the project and the error disappeared.

I took a few screenshots as well if they help.


Hi @jbaker,

Thanks for posting your issue and for all of the detailed information, it really helps us out! I’m sorry to hear you’ve hit this, but I think I can help a little here.

It looks like you may be encountering a known issue, so I was wondering if you think the following GitHub issue is the same:

If that matches your issue, then your workaround sounds like a good way forward until we can get this fixed. I can also provide you with an API script (mentioned in the GH issue) that will reset the project deployment settings, so let me know if that’s something you’re interested in and I can post it here.

I hope this is helpful, and let me know if you have any further questions.


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