Bug in blog website

I’m not sure if this is the best place to report an issue with your website, but I’m hoping you can forward it on to your web team. I’m having trouble browsing your blog site. When I scroll down to the bottom and click the forward buttons, the page reloads but doesn’t serve up any new pages. It acts really wonky. If I click the forward arrow it also just feeds me back the same page again as well. I wonder if the “Browse recent posts” button click is not saving its state as clicked. Anyway, someone should check it out. I’m using Edge 109 on Windows 11. Thanks.

Hi @rjhansen,

Thanks for reaching out and raising this with us!

It looks like a recent change has caused some issues for certain endpoints with our website, such as the Blog pages as you’ve mentioned. The buttons are changing the URL ok by adding ?skip=30, however as you’ve found this just refreshes the page and isn’t skipping any of the previous posts.

I’ve forwarded this to the devs who are working on a fix but in the meantime you should be able to use the Search toolbar to search for the tag should show the blog posts with the tag mentioned.

E.g. Search for Devops Blog Posts:

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all!

Best Regards,