Blocking problem updating from 2018.2.4 to 2018.5.0

Hi, we have a big problem. This morning we update from 2018.2.4 to 2018.5.0, since this moment we can’t deploy any release.

See both attached files, when creates a new release, the Deployment process show that 0 steps where deploy (reviewed the channels, roles etc… this number is incorrect)

Buy when select any step to exclude, this label show a NEGATIVE NUMBER!!!

But you can select deploy and continue the deployment. (Appears only a label problem)

But we’re unable to select custom deployment targets! Always the list appears blank, even there are valid selectable targets
This occurs, since we uptate to 2018.5.0 version

This problem is only in 2018.5.0

Note that we have an Un-tenant mode. How we can make a rollback to 2018.2.4 version? We have a database backup made just before the update, It’s secure?

I have the same issue. I have upgraded from 2018.4.12 to 2018.5.0 and there is absolutely no choices to deploy to.

This is stopping our deployments as well. A fix needs to be done ASAP.

I don’t think we can rollback because I noticed that the SQL schema was updated during the upgrade process, so downgrading to 2018.4.12 won’t be possible.

Thank you!!


Thanks for getting in touch and flagging the issue.

We’ve been able to replicate the problem and have pulled the 2018.5.0 release for now. It appears to be related to what should have been a minor change to reduce the number of API calls we make in building the release screen, we have a few engineers paired up and working on the problem now.

We will get a fix completed as soon as possible and included it in 2018.5.1 which we will release as soon as this fix is ready and tested (which should be in the next few hours).

Sorry that we caused this issue,


Hi @posty and @fernando.beltran ,

Octopus 2018.5.1 is now available which has rolled back the changes that caused the issue you are experiencing. If you can upgrade as soon as possible that would be greatly appreciated.


We’ve update octopus yesterday to 2018.5.1 , testing all day long. We can now deploy without problems,


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