Block Un-tenanted Deploy in Project

Is there a way in a project to allow un-tenanted deployments in two environments but in the third to block it and only allow tenant deployments? I’d like to keep all of my settings in one projects but this button available makes me nervous for those operators below me. This is in version 3.5.2. See picture below as an example. Thanks!

Whoops wrong photo…look at this one.

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Currently there isn’t a way to mark an environment as Tenant-only, I’ve raised this UserVoice idea that you can vote for.

In the meantime, in the environment that you only want Tenanted deployments you can make sure that the deployment targets have all been assigned to a Tenant and if someone does click the deploy button on the un-tenanted deployment it won’t let them continue on with the deployment as there won’t be any deployment targets available.

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