Better overview when number of environments grow

As our number of environments grow, the number of columns on the dashboard also grows, and the overview is not as good as when you see it all on one screen.

Some environments are test environments, some belong to the same customer or customer group.

It would be interesting to be able to tag environments for filtering, or maybe even create a hierachi in order to hide and show the different braches.
Another possibility is to be able to have multiple dashboards configured, som you can see one group at each dashboard.

Hi Troels,

Thanks for getting in touch! We have a similar UserVoice suggestion that I think might be relevant:
Please vote and comment on it. I think this would be a great place to add your suggestions to to help extend the feature as when we look at changing the environments page this will be the first place we look for ideas.

Hope that helps!

Hi has there been any progress on this sort of feature? We have a large number of environments and the way the dashboard presents releases/environments is not going to work for us. We would be scrolling to the right for days and this is a showstopper for us. Hopefully there is something creative or a new feature coming out very soon…

Software Architect

Hi Justin,
Thanks for your continued interest in Octopus Deploy.
As you can see on the uservoice ticket that Vanessa mentioned ( this is something that we have been definitely asked about before. Due to higher voted requests however its not on our immediate list of things to do but its still on our radar.
As noted in the comments section another user has taken the time to create a Chrome extension that may help solve your immediate problem.
I hope this allows you to continue with your deployments.

Thanks Robert,

We haven’t purchased a license yet because there’s no clean solution for this, and our dashboard would be a nightmare. Please consider cleaning this area up for models that include 100s of environments


Hi Justin,
Have you tried installing the Chrome extension and seeing if that helps tidy things up a bit. One of its included features is specifically about being able to filter the dashboard.