Best way to support branching considering branching support coming

I’ve read numerous discussions on branching, and understand that proper branching support is coming in the next version, however I’d like to make sure new projects are setup in a compatible way.

We are using a slightly modified feature branching methodology, whereby feature branches are pushed to a QA environment for testing, but those features are not necessarily the ones that will then be deployed into production. As such, our master/develop line up, but our qa branch does not.

What I’m trying to ascertain, is should I just set these up as two separate projects for now, or, what I’ve attempted to do is:

In my test scenario, master and develop contains different feature merges:

  • In TeamCity, I have a build/package step, where the VCS root is monitoring all branches
    • This step gets the branch, and sets the package name accordingly, e.g. 1.0.0-master, 1.0.0-develop
    • The package is pushed to internal Octo repo
    • Last step is to create a release based on the package id
      So, I have a new release for each build I do, which automatically selects the correct package to deploy.

The big caveat to this, is that we “could” promotoe/deploy the develop package into production which is not good (which is what I believe the new branching feature will fix), but it provides us a clean way of seeing one project deployment(s).


Hi Mick,

Thanks for getting in touch! I think it should be possible to use a single project for this, and to just create releases using different packages (e.g., 1.0.0-qa, 1.0.0-master). The trick would be to take care not to promote that QA branch to production :slight_smile: I can see that for now you might want a second project just for QA for now. Going forward, we should be able to handle it with a single project.


Thanks Paul, I thought as much.

Is a general assumption that it will work the way described above, in the you can create a release assigned to a specific package version, which will be limited to subset of a lifecycle?