Best practice for running powershell Az module

Hi, we are beginning to move over to powershell Az from AzureRM, and wondering what best practice should be on octopus? The biggest challenge being that the two shouldn’t co-exist on the same machine.

In an ideal world we would potentially uninstall AzureRM, install Az and enable aliases, as suggested here:

however, as noted there are potential gaps in the Az module (eg. redis) which are still being written. Despite it being discouraged, potentially side-by-side looks like the best route, with OctopusUseBundledAzureModules=False and Az installed with AllowClobber on the octo server.

Can the octo team provide any recommendations on this?

Hi Mark,

I’m Jason from the Octopus Cloud team. Derek tells me you’ve chatted with him about this ticket and he’s recommended using Workers to segregate the different Az/AzureRM versions onto different machines or containers, thereby dodging the incompatibilities between the two. I have to say, I’d concur with that idea. Did you need any further help from here, or are you happy to work with Derek going forward?



Hi Jason, yes that’s fine