Batch File Execution through Command Line

Hi Team,

I have created below process steps for Offline Package Drop.

Step 1. Website Deployment Process
Step 2. Service1 Deployment Process
Step 3. Service2 Deployment Process
Step 4. Service3 Deployment Process

If something went wrong in Step 2 during Batch File Execution through Command Line, then rest of the Steps (Step 3 & Step 4) get ignored. The same issue we can handle easily by assign to me and then ignore that particular step while doing the deployment via octopus deploy UI.

Kindly let me know, how to handle this scenario while doing the deployment through Offline Package Drop.


Hi Ayan,

Thanks for getting in touch.

That’s not a scenario that is supported in Offline Drops, as it is designed to be fully self contained and can’t communicate back you to your Octopus Server. If you need this sort of interactivity then I would highly recommend using a full deployment target.

A workaround if you need to re-run an offline drop but not execute some of the steps would be to remove the required IF statement from the deployment.ps1.

I hope that helps with your use case,


Thanks Alex for your reply, Will try this and get back to you.


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