Basic question regard the 2.6 to 3.* upgrade process

I’ve read all the documentation, and I’ve stood up a new Octopus 3 server. Right now, I’ve got a clean base install of 3.0.7 (i know 3.0.8 is out).

Anyway, here’s my question. Since, I have a relatively small amount of Tentacles (like 15), I will be utilize the manual upgrade method.
I want to run both Deploy servers in parallel (for testing purposes). When I restore a 2.6 backup on the new v3 server, I know it cannot talk to my current 2.6 Tentacles, which is great. Say I upgrade one Tentacle that we test some deployments on from v3 server. Meanwhile, there are still some changes being made on our 2.6 instance. Can I simply “re-import” when we’re ready to finally make the full transition over to our v3 server, or will that cause problems if I re-import over an already existing import on new server?


Yes, you can simply re-import the new backup over the top and it will update any changed records.

But, please note that this second migration is an additive-only, overwrite-only operation.

If you make changes on the 3.0 side they will be overwritten by a second 2.6 migration.

We do not do field level replication and we do not do conflict resolution, we overwrite entire objects if they match on name. (There are a couple of exceptions to this rule: we don’t overwrite users that match and we merge teams but in general we overwrite completely.)

Also, if you delete items on the 3.0 side they will reappear when you re-do the import.

The re-import option is provided specifically for the scenario you describe: a second migration from 2.6 to 3.0 where no changes have been made on the 3.0 side in the meantime. The other scenario we targeted was being able to merge two 2.6 backups into a single, new 3.0 server. All other scenarios (e.g. I want to keep two servers in sync using two-way export-import) are not supported.

Ian Mercer

That’s exactly what I was hoping for (if it would simply overwrite). I just wanted to be sure.

Thanks for the prompt and detailed response!