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I’m completely new to octopus. Till now we were doing manual deployment by copy pasting the binary files. Now we are planning to to implement CD with octopus. We have been doing Bamboo to build the application and run the test cases. In the bamboo portal, I have created a Plan, In the default job, I have added different tasks to build the application and run the testcases and publish the results to SonarQube. But this is all part of CI. Now I want to integrate Octopus with Bamboo.

I have gone through some documents and links like, and few others similar to this.

Now, I’m not able to understand completely what has to be done.

Should I add few tasks to deploy with octopus? If so, how?
When I try to add octopus add on Bamboo , its is downloading a jarfile from this link . How do i use this?

These may be the basic questions I’m asking but I really need to know.



Thanks for getting in touch!

You can read the Bamboo docs on how to install add-ons, the short of it is you basically upload the jar file that was downloaded to your Bamboo server.

I guess my question here would be, what tasks is it you want to move or perform with Octopus? You haven’t really specified what it is you want to deploy as it were. So if you could expand on what your app is and where it’s being deployed to (using your current manual procedure) then I’m sure we can find a solution for you using Octopus.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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