Bad verbiage when canceling a scheduled deployment


I was testing out the scheduled deployment feature. I scheduled a deployment for 2 days later at 5 AM. Just as a test I then canceled the deployment with the yellow cancel button. I was then presented with the text: “This task started in 2 days and ran for less than a second” which is both untrue and impossible.

Many thanks!


Hi Russell,

Thanks for getting in touch! You’re right this language is misleading. I’ve had a look and we don’t have all of the information immediately available that we’d need to provide a really clear message to cater for cases like:

  • This task was scheduled but it never started
  • This task was scheduled, and ran for 1 minute before being canceled

We’d need to get more information from the Server/API. If it was a one-liner I could justify fixing this issue, but it will take a while to get the message to work perfectly for every possible scenario. Is this something you can live with?

Thanks for you help!

Hey Michael,

Yes it is something we can live with. It’s a fairly minor issue, but sense it could in theory be used for reporting I thought I would send you a heads up. It seems like if the date in question is in the future then it should print “the task was started.”

Russell Nelson

Hi Russell,

Sorry for the delay getting back to you. If we find ourselves working in that area I’ll make sure we add the extra information needed to make the messaging more correct.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out in the future!

Happy Deployments!