Bad Gateway (502) error trying to install new tentacle

I am getting the following error when trying to install my first tentacle to talk to Octopus Cloud.

ERROR Checking that server communications are open failed with message The remote server returned an error: (502) Bad Gateway. after 5 retries.

We do have a proxy server but I have set that during the installation wizard and I can browse websites no problem in a web browser. Interestingly the wizard also confirms successful connection when I enter the proxy details.

I have the log but would rather not upload it here in case it contains any sensitive information.

Hey Darren,

Thanks for reaching out.

This seems like it might be a port issue on your proxy. Are you able to check the proxy logs for any trouble with port 10943? Please let me know. Feel free to direct message me any logs and we can take a look together.


To anyone finding this thread and curious on the resolution, Zscaler was blocking it. If you’re getting a similar issue and use zscaler, also include that when checking ports that are blocks.


Also for the benefit of others, according to our ZScaler expert, by default it blocks high ports, which includes 10943.

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