Backups Never Finish


I am having an issue in Octopus where backups (both manually and automatically generated) never finish. After reaching the 20% mark (message on screen is “performing RavenDB export (20%)”), they never show any additional progress.

When I try and cancel these backups, I eventually get a timeout message.

This warning in the Application Event Log seems to correspond with each hung backup attempt…

2014-06-12 10:09:50.2166 WARN Drive C:\ only has 4 GB of available free space remaining

…but the local C:\ drive has 87GB of free space on it.

I have tried going into Raven and manually setting each timed out backup to “Failed” as described at, but after doing that and rebooting they continue to hang.

Any thoughts on what might be causing this issue?


Thanks for getting in touch!

The way the backup works is it shows 20% for a while then races to the finish as RavenDB does not give any progress back to Octopus.
So really the backup isn’t hanging it just isn’t giving an updated status.
If you could look in your backups folder and see how large the files are this might give us an indication of how long you should wait for these backups to occur.

Hope that helps!


Hi Vanessa,

The last time an automated backup successfully completed was on May 31. Those backups are around 40-60 MB in size.

I included another screenshot for reference. I’m not sure what was going on with the 18MB-ish ones from the 12th. I suspect those are corrupt, as I have canceled quite a few of them. I’m not sure why those have a non-zero file size, though.

Have a look at “octopustaskhistory.png”. A couple of interesting things to note are…

  • I have one backup that has been running for the better part of a day. (I’m on US Central Time)
  • Not sure if it is related or not, but retention policies and tentacle health checks are timing out. I suspect that is just because they are waiting for the database backup that never finished.

Thanks for your help.


Hi David,

Thanks for the follow up.

Yes it looks like something strange is going on. Our demo server has roughly the same sized backups and only takes about 30 seconds all up.
I would first suggest that you please cancel both of those backups if they are still running. Press cancel twice does a hard cancel of the task, as they will be causing the other timeouts.

We would like to schedule a Skype call to get to the bottom of this, if you could please select a suitable time here:



I upgraded to the version that you gave me, and have verified that backups are now working again.

Thanks for the help guys.