Backup and Restore Procedures

I had a quick question around backups and restoring Octopus, I am assuming that absolutely everything is stored in the SQL instance and the strategy would simply be to backup the Octopus database?

There is nothing at the Tentacle end that requires backing up either?

Hi Nikolai,

Yes, almost everything is in the SQL database. The only additional thing that needs backing up is the public/private keys, which you can get from Octopus->Server Tools in the Certificates tab (these only change if you change them, so you just need to back them up once). In a future version of Octopus these will probably move to the database as well.

Hope that helps,


Thanks that is the information I need. Just putting together an operations manual for a full SVN/TeamCity/Octopus CI / CD environment. I will add this to the list.