Azure Website Deployment Stalling


Our deployments to azure websites seem to constantly hang (still going after many many hours) on first attempt - after we cancel and restart they complete successfully in around 6 minutes. I’ve seen this issue highlighted previously on the forum but can’t find references to them now.

Can you advise?



Thanks for getting in touch. We have had a few customers reporting similar issues and we are working on a patch to work around problems with WebDeploy using Checksum for Azure Web Apps.

Here are some of the references you may have been referring to:

We are working on a fix which you can track using this GitHub Issue:

Hope that helps!

Hi Dan,

Just thought I’d update you on this issue now that we’ve released that fix.

The core issue

The examples we have seen so far look look like threading dead-locks in WebDeploy. Microsoft.Web.Deployment has reportedly had issues with locking when using Checksum for file comparisons.

The solution

You can now use Timestamp instead of Checksum and see if this fixes the issue for your deployments. Other customers have reported success. Requires Octopus 3.3.3 or greater.

  • You will need to modify existing steps to use Timestamp (we do not automatically switch them over)
  • Any new Azure Web App steps you create will use Timestamp by default.

A note about timestamps

To get the most benefit of using timestamps for WebDeploy sync, start using zip packages instead of NuGet packages. We cannot maintain consistent timestamps when extracting NuGet packages - see this GitHub Issue for more information.

Plans for the future

We will continue to roll out further improvements to Azure Web App support, though we don’t have any fixed delivery timeframes for these:

  • ASP.NET Core 1.0 support
  • Improved Checksum support (bug fixes in WebDeploy)
  • Improved Proxy support (but fixes in WebDeploy)

All of these rely upon us upgrading to Microsoft.Web.Deploy.3.6.0 (track this GitHub Issue). We are working with Microsoft to update the NuGet package, otherwise we will have package and ship it ourselves. Release Notes for WebDeploy 3.6-beta

Hope that helps!