Azure Subscription deleted after deploy step


I have a requirement that , After deploying to the staging slot, we need to do some manual tasks (for example validation of application) , after that swap the VIP to production.

Move-AzureDeployment -ServiceName is not working because the previous step deleted and cleaned up all the certs etc.

Can you please explain how to achive this?


Adding more info…

                |       Success: Deleting file: C:\Octopus\Applications\Staging\DiWebRole\1.0.61_15\BootstrapDeployToAzure.ps1

07:30:44 Verbose | Deleting file: C:\Octopus\Applications\Staging\DiWebRole\1.0.61_15\DeployToAzure.ps1
07:30:44 Verbose | Deleting file: C:\Octopus\Applications\Staging\DiWebRole\1.0.61_15\Certificate.pfx

BootStrap scripts does
Then Invokes DeployToAzure.ps1
Does the Deployment of cloudservice
Next returns back to Bootstrap Scripts
which removes the subscription
Don’t know(Inquestion)
With one deletes the following

When I try to do Move-AzureDeployment in the next step, it does not have the subscription details.

Hi Ani,

Thanks for reaching out. We have plans to add support for this scenario on Octopus 3.0. Please take a moment to read our plan on this Uservoice sugestion:

At this moment your best bet would be to deploy you azure cert file along with your code or to already have it on your server, and then use it to authenticate when running the azure cmdlets

Sorry its not better news


Thanks !

Any approximate dates for 3.0 release?

Hi Mani,

We’ll be having an Open Beta in a couple of weeks. We estimate 2-3 more weeks after that, but it’ll depend on the results of the Open Beta.