Azure SQL Database running slow with Octopus


(Andy Mc Adam) #1

We host our own Octopus server on a VM on Azure using Azure SQL.
The system has been running very slow and it appears the following query is running constantly on the SQL database, consuming all our DTU’s allocated:

(@docid nvarchar(21))SELECT COUNT(*)
FROM dbo.[Artifact]
WHERE ([RelatedDocumentIds] LIKE @docid)

What is going on? I’m rebooting the server now to see if that clears it.

(Robert Wagner) #2

Hi Andy,

This query usually runs (every 5 seconds) for everyone who has a deployment or task progress page open. As a work around you could minimize how often it is viewed. Also, if you haven’t already, upgrade to 2018.7.7 or later, a lot of load has been taken off the SQL server from that version onwards.

It is on our performance improvement hit list. I’ve created an issue so that you can track progress on this particular issue.