Azure Service Principal account adds, but disappears

Octo Version: 3.3.1
Deployment Log: None, this is adding an Azure account
Variables: Filled in name, Environments, Subscription, Use a Service Principal, Client Id, Tenant Id, Password\Key
Diagnostics: None related

This is in regard to adding an Azure Service Principal for Azure Resource Management applications. I was able to successfully add a single one. It appeared under the legacy Azure Management Certificate accounts that we’ve already created. After trying to create a project that used it, I was able to locate the account as an option and selected it. When selecting the application slot, I received an error.

At this point the account had disappeared from the /app#/accounts page. I attempted to recreate it and received a “Name Already Exists” error. Every subsequent account I’ve attempted to create works fine when I select “Save and Test”, but never appears on the accounts page or for use anywhere.

Attempting to reuse a name from a previous attempt that never existed gives me a name already exists error. I’m stumped.

Hi Dustin,

Thanks for getting in touch! There is a known bug where you cannot see accounts when they have an environment on them regardless of admin permissions.
It was fixed in 3.3.11 but I would suggest upgrading to the latest version.

Sorry for the confusion.

To confirm, updating to a newer version of Octo did fix our issue. Thank you!

Hi Dustin,

Great to hear it! Happy Deployments!