Azure devops to Octopus Deploy connectivity

I have an Octopus Deploy server running on a closed off VNET in Azure, connected to my office by VPN. So there is currently no public access to the Octopus Server.

I want to start using Azure Devops (we currently use an internally hosted Teamcity), but I think Azure devops will need to connect to Octopus directly, as well as from the build agent.

What ports do I need to open for the two to work together? Could I use a load balancer in Azure with a public IP in order to better protect the Octopus Deploy server VM?

I will be using VNET based custom build agents with Azure devops, which have full access to my other VMs including octopus so this part should be fine, but I’m concerned the main Azure devops server cannot see octopus, so I can’t added deployment steps to my build jobs.

Hi Andy,

Thanks for reaching out!

All your Azure Devops server really needs is to make API calls against the Octopus Server. These calls go through whatever port you are using to expose the portal in your Octopus Server. So if your portal is being exposed through port 443, then that’s the port you need to open.

Hope that helps!

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