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I have created a service connection for Octopus on our Azure DevOps project - using the projects API key & ignoreSslErrors is checked.
In the release pipeline we use the Push Package(s) to Octopus job.
Should the Space automatically resolve to what is on our Octopus Server (see image below)?

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You are correct, it should query the Octopus Server and provide a list of available Spaces. You can try using the refresh button to the right to see if that helps the list generate, otherwise there may be an issue with the connectivity between Azure DevOps and your Octopus Server.


Just to check too, are you using a version of Octopus Server that includes the Spaces feature (v2019.1+)?

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I assumed as much. Will have to investigate and get back to you.

Yes we are, v2019.12. I can view the space name on Octopus and used it in Team City - we have to sadly migrate away from Team City now.

You could try manually adding the Space name and running the build, it may provide a clearer error to help track down the issue.

I was using the incorrect Agent Pool. We have an on-prem agent setup

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Hello we have the same issue here on a on-prem octo server. The spaces input can’t retrieve spaces from octopus api, message in the console is:
{“result”:[],“statusCode”:“unused”,“errorMessage”:“Failed to query service connection API: ‘https://******/api/spaces/all’. Error Message: ‘A task was canceled.’”}

Hi @Pascal.Golay,

If you navigate to that URL (https://******/api/spaces/all) in a browser does it lost successfully?

It’s working pefectly and lists all availables spaces…

As far as i can see, if I typed my space name by hand it’s working,… but It might be interesting to investigate why the dropdown can’t retrieve spaces list.

Maybe a security concern ?

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The Spaces drop down is mainly there as a helper, if you know the correct space to use and the build completes successfully after manually entering it then there isn’t really anything to worry about.

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