Azure Deployment With Warmup

I am using Octopus Deploy to deploy a large web app to azure. I am currently deploying to the stating slot, and then swapping that to production. I would like to have a warm up script between these two steps. How can I get the url that azure has deployed to and use it in another step?


When deploying to Azure, Octopus invokes a script called “DeployToAzure.ps1” if it finds it inside your NuGet package. If it can’t find a script with this name, then it will use a default version of the script.

You can view the default file here:

If you want to change how Azure deployments work, copy this file, make your changes, and add it to your NuGet file with the name DeployToAzure.ps1 at the root. You can use the Azure cmdlets inside this script to get the information that you need.

Hope that helps,


Great, thanks.